Hardback Book Printing Benefits

Hardback books or hardcover books whichever term you prefer is name for a type of book that is bound by a hard cover. Usually a thick card stock wrapped in either a wibalin cover or a PPC (printed paper case). The wibalin cover books are a more traditional style of book whereas the PPC cover is a more modern approch to book printing.

Hardback books are unique, there is no denying that. That look and feel superb and have that feel that the book will last a lifetime. And they quite often do – Oldest Books in Existence.

Amazon has so many books listed on the digital shelves and there are so many books in so many stores around the world. Paperback books are good for getting your book to market but in order to have your book stand outfrom the crowd you are going to want to have something different. A book that can stand out from all the others. That is where hardback books come in. With all the unique custom options you can have in your book it will truly be somthing that will be unique.

New printing methods have enabled boot printing companies to produce books at a much quicker rate than was previously possible. Our books get printed within 2 weeks. Years ago a hardback book might have taken a couple months. Thankfully with technological advancements in printing technology you can have your hardback books within 2 weeks.

Books tend to be getting cheaper and cheaper. However, hardback books tend to be getting more expensive to the consumer. Which is a good thing if you are trying to sell the book. Your book in hardback format will demand a better price and therefore lead to more markup. You can get a book printing quote from many online printing companies so you can compre the prices.

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We go through the benefits of both so you can make up your own mind for which book will be best.

Hardback Books – Hardback vs Paperback

Photo Books

If your book is going to be a photo book or if it has a lot of photo’s then you should really consider the hardback book options. Most phootbooks are printed as a hardback for the durability and the overall feel. As photo books tend to be more expensive it makes sense havign them produced in a hardback format. Paperbacks can work well as a photo book but hardbacks are more popular. It is worth having a look at many different printers, asking for samples and getting a quote. I also suggest having a look at many different books in stores and seeing what you like and what works well.

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