With the relatively recent introduction to digital book printing, it is now possible to get books printed for a reasonable amount of money. Long gone are the days of long-run offset/litho printing.

With digital printing methods, you are able to get your books printed in run lengths of between a single copy and up to 1000 copies and more for a very good price. The more you print the better price you get. But you are still able to get a good quote for run lengths in the region of 100 to 300 from most book printing companies.

For example, my book Root Chords was first printed in a run length of 50 copies at a cost of just £2.90 per book. If I were to order more, say 500 copies, the price would have been a lot cheaper. But then I have to store more books and come up with a larger initial investment.

Being able to print my book at a lesser run-length enables me to test the market. If the book does well then I can print more books. If my book does not do so well then I can look over the feedback and make appropriate changes.

I went with Imprint Digital Exeter Printing for my book printing and they have provided me with a fantastic service. I was able to get a quote using their online price calculator within minutes. The price was also fantastic compared to other printers.

Some other printers worth checking out would be; Blub, Mixam and DigitalPrinting.

They all offer an online calculator so you can get a price instantly. The thing I prefer with Imprint Digital is customer service. They are a company based in Exeter and have been providing hardback book printing for over 40 years so they know the printing industry inside out.

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